The 3rd Hospital (Hangul: 제3병원; RR: Jesambyeongwon) is a South Korean medical drama centering on the conflicts between Western and Eastern medicine and the rivalry between two brothers who espouse them. It aired on cable channel tvN in 2012.


The show is set in a hospital that houses both Western and Eastern medicine traditions. Seung-hyun and Doo-hyun are brothers and geniuses—Doo-hyun is a neurosurgeon, while Seung-hyun is the Oriental medicine specialist. The two, along with each their own friends and teams, will compete ferociously with each other because of their different views on medicine, but also come together to help save patients’ lives.


  • Kim Seung-woo … Kim Doo-hyun
  • Oh Ji-ho … Kim Seung-hyun
  • Kim Min-jung … Jin Hye-in
  • Choi Sooyoung … Lee Eui-jin
  • Choi Soo Jin … Jeong Eui-Jin
  • Park Geun-hyung … Kim Ha-yoon (Doo-hyun’s and Seung-hyun’s father)
  • Im Ha-ryong … Chae In-gook
  • Choi Yoon-so … Jung Seung-hee
  • Im Hyung-joon … Min Joo-ahn
  • Yoo Tae-woong
  • Kim Jong-goo … Yang Hyan-goo
  • Lee Tae-kyum … Ahn Hyung-joon
  • Nam Moon-chul … Jo Sung-wook
  • Nam Ji-hyun … cameo