SNSD – Let’s Talk About Love


미 안하단 말을 기다리나요
괜한 심술 내고픈 남자들의 맘을 알 수 없어서 맘 아파하나요

그가 변하기를 바라지마요 있는 모습 그대로 받아줘요
언젠가 그대를 위해 혼자 노력할 테니까

이별의 깊은 어둠이 닿지 않는 빛을 찾아요
세 상 그 무엇보다도 가장 빛나는 그 이름

Let’s talk about Love
오래 참는 믿음과 온유한 마음으로
그 의 잘못을 용서해주기를

If you just believe
사랑이 자란만큼 아픔이 커져도 물러서지 말아요
사 랑의 이름으로

다가갈수록 더 멀어지나요
말 못할 이유들로 상처주는 서로의 변명은 이제 그만 그녈 감싸줘요

힘 든 눈물의 순간에 그대 포기하지 말아요
세상 그 무엇보다도 가장 빛나는 그 이름

Let’s talk about Love 거짓없는 소망과
겸손한 마음으로 먼저 말해요 사랑의 고백을
If you just believe

세 상 단 하나뿐인 소중한 그녀를 절대 놓치지마요 사랑의 이름으로

이 세상이 질 수 없는 사랑은
항상 곁에 있어 그대의 그 용기를 baby JUST Believe!

Love 변치 않은 사랑과 영원한 행복으로 하나가 되어 축복해주기를
If you just believe 먼 훗날 다시 한번 아픔이 온대도 이겨낼거라 굳게 믿어요
oh 사랑의 이름으로



Miahnhadahn maleul gidarinayo
Gwenhan shimsool naegopeun nahmjadeuleuh
Mahmeul ahlsoo upssuhsuh mahm ahpahanayo

Geuhga byunhagireul barajimayo
Eetneun moseup geuhdaero bahdahjyeoyo
Uhnjenga geuhdaereul weehae honja noryukhahl taeneekka

Eebyuleuh gipeun uhdoomee dahtji ahneun biteul chahtahyo
Saesang geuh moouhtbodado gajang bitnaneun geuh eehreum

Let’s talk about love
Orae chamneun meedeumgwah ohnyoohahn maheumeuhro
Geuhyeuh jalmohteul yongsuhhae joogireul

If you just believe
Sarangeeh jaranmahnkeum ahpeumeeh kuhjuhdo
Moolluhsuhji mahlahyo
Sarangeuh eehreumeuhro

Dagagahlsoorok duh muhuhjinayo
Mahl mohttal eehyoodeullo sangchuhjooneun suhroeuh byunmyungeun
Eehjae geuhmahn geuhnyul gamssahjyeoyo

Heemdeun noonmooleuh soongahnae geuhdae pogihaji mahlahyo
Saesang geuh moouhtbodado gajang bitnaneun geuh eehreum

Let’s talk about love
Guhjeet uhpneun somahnggwah gyumsonhahn maeumeuhro
Muhnjuh mahlhaeyo sarangeuh gobaekeul

If you just believe
Saesang dahn hanappooneen sojoonghahn geuhnyuhreul
Juhldae nohtchijee mahyo sarangeuh eehreum euhro

Eeh saesangeeh joolsoo uhpneun sarangeun
Hangsang gyuhtae eetsuh geuhdaeyaegae yonggeereul
Baby just believe!

Love byunchi ahneun saranggwah youngwonhahn haengbokeuhro
Hanaga dwehuh chookbokhae joogireul

If you just believe
Muhn hootnahl dashee hahnbuhn ahpeumee ohndaedo
Eehgyuhnael guhrah gootgae meeduhyo
Oh sarangyeuh eehreumeuhro


English Translation

Let’s talk about love
Are you waiting to hear the words I’m sorry
Are you hurting because you can’t understand his complicated heart?

Don’t expect him to change, just accept him as he is
Some day, he will try harder on his own for you

Look for the light far from the darkness that dwells in this separation
That name shining brighter than anything else in this world

Let’s talk about love
With your patient faith and gentle heart
Please forgive his mistakes

If you just believe
Even if your pain grows as much as you’ve loved, don’t back down
In the name of love

Do you grow farther apart as you get closer?
Don’t make any more excuses that will cause pain through unspoken reasons, and just embrace her

When you shed painful tears in times of trouble, don’t give up
That name shining brighter than anything else in this world

Let’s talk about love
With your honest hope and humble heart
Tell her first, your confession of love
If you just believe

She’s the most precious girl in this world
Don’t ever lose her, in the name of love

This love that the world cannot offer is always by our side
In our courage, baby just believe
With unchanging love and eternal happiness
We will become blessed as one
If we just believe
Even if pain comes to us once more
I strongly believe we will overcome them
In the name of love

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