Zhang Liyin (born February 28, 1989), better known in South Korea as Jang Ri-in, is a Chinese solo singer active in China and South Korea. Subject to much publicity, Zhang has been nicknamed the “Chinese BoA” and the next leader of the Korean wave. She speaks both Mandarin, which is her first language, and moderate Korean, and has released singles in both China and Korea, singing in both languages. Her fan club color is Gold and her fans call themselves “Chocolate”.

Zhang has released only one studio album since her debut in 2006, but its singles carried a few top ten titles, such as “Timeless,” which was a #1 hit, as well as “I Will”. She is also the first foreign artist to win Best New Solo Artist at the Asian Music Awards. Her first album, I Will has sold over 260,000 copies since its release in March 2008.





Years Awards
  • Rookie of the Month, Cyworld Digital Music Award: “Timeless”
  • Best New Solo Artist, M.NET/KM Music Festival: “Timeless”
  • Best New Female Solo, Mnet Asian Music Awards: “Timeless”
  • Female Newcomer with Most Potential, Mengniu Music King Awards: “星愿 (I WILL)”
  • Best Mainland Newcomer, Southeast Music Ranking
  • Most Fashionable Female Artist of the Year, 2008 Starlight Grand Ceremony
  • Most “Attention Grabbing” Newcomer, 1st Annual Mengniu New Music Festival: “星愿 (I WILL)”